Feb. 19, 2021

Transcript of Episode 3 of the Mainline Marlins Podcast 2/19/21

Transcript of Episode 3 of the Mainline Marlins Podcast 2/19/21

Good morning. Happy Friday, Miami Marlins fans. Tommy Stitt here with the Mainline Marlins Podcast and Show.  Let's talk about yesterday. Super excited.  A lot of excitement around the training camp as the first official workouts began for pitchers and catchers for the Marlins. Really cool videos out there. If you guys go on Twitter, either on the Marlins Twitter or there are a bunch of other Marlins fan-type Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts that have really, really awesome videos. Seeing Dylan Floro throwing, seeing Anthony Bass, and seeing some of these other guys getting back to work and it's pretty exciting. 

Both manager Don Mattingly and GM Kim Ng interviewed yesterday about what they think the season’s gonna look like, you know the level of excitement in the clubhouse and what to expect from those guys. Seemed super hopeful about that. Although I would say and Don added to these comments and was relatively humble. Because, you know, regardless of what we did last year, that was an abbreviated season. And we've got to be serious about stepping it up and going to the next level. And I think that Dandy Don knows exactly what he's got to do to get that done with this young group of guys. But now we brought in some veterans, not only in the outfield with Adam Duvall, but then also in the bullpen staff with Anthony Bass and Dylan Floro, Adam Simba and others, Ross Detwile. I think they are going to add some, not only maturity to that bullpen, but also some some, you know, maybe in a  kind of a mentorship type of way with some of these younger guys that are coming up. So that's super good. 

However, and this is something I know that one of the reporters or one of the guys that was interviewing Don Mattingly yesterday asked him or said commented about PECOTA picks the Marlins to finish last in the division after going into division playoffs and you add a better bullpen and you add a fix the outfield with adding Adam Duvall and the option of JJ Bleday who could be you know, a guy that comes up and and gives helps Adam Duvall, you know, get rest or whatever? How can you be going backwards? Are they saying that the Mets and the Nationals made those big moves that are going to change the dynamics of the division? I'm not sure about that. I mean, didn’t the Braves do the same thing?

So what is PECOTA? Everybody's like, what is this PECOTA thing, and I'm reading this book right now called the MVP machine, which is all about player optimization and building all star and MVP players. And this is a brainchild of this analyst, Nick Silver.is kind of like off of the end of Moneyball, like the way that the guy's a Billy Beane, and the guys out at Oakland, kind of started using data and statistics to pick the players that they wanted to either draft or trade for. And this is kind of taking it to the next level. So PECOTA basically estimates a stat line ofa particular player then says:  All right, 10% of the time, it's going to be the worst case scenario. And then the other 90% of the time, he might have the best performance ever. And there's some magical weird algorithm that makes that come out. But that's what PECOTA is.  But what that doesn't judge and what that doesn't evaluate is heart, determination. It doesn't say anything about players getting injured or what that process is of coming back, and just straight up desire. So I mean, it's an empirical system. It stands for the player, empirical comparison optimization, test algorithm. I don't even know what that means really, nor do I care. But I mean, they're picking us last and I think we just got to go out there and prove everybody wrong.

So onto the promo image on my left side there, it's Sixto Sixto Sanchez. So the deal with Sixto everybody wanted to know where he was. He didn't show up for training camp yesterday. But there were a couple other guys that didn't also. Three Marlins still not in camp, and here are the reasons. Not to worry. Jeff Brighan on the 60-day DL after an injury. He is self rehabbing, rehabbing on his own. Santiago Chavez got delayed in Mexico and should be there today. And then, Sixto Sanchez.  Probably the most, everybody's wondering, like, you know, where is this guy? He's gonna be one of our key starters in the pitching rotation.  Actually, he’s delayed also in the Dominican Republic. He should arrive today and then start working out on Monday. But, I'll keep you guys posted on that over the weekend with maybe some short live videos about that. 

So what I want to do right now and just to finish up the show, and talk a little bit about what's going to happen next week. We're going to do another update on Monday at 8:45 nine-ish. Tuesday I'll have Winker back in the studio and we're going to be doing some interviews. I'll hopefully be able to release those interviews on Monday, whether or not I'm going to go through Marlins channels or I'm going to go on my own to do some other other stuff, which is cool. 

And then, there are four weekend home Spring Training games for the Marlins in Jupiter. And right now I'm working out a deal with a special place there, a brewery in Jupiter, to make it happen. We can do four postgame shows after the game a couple hours at the brewery promoting you know, obviously promoting the podcast, promoting local businesses and doing some giveaways and things like T-shirts, koozies, hats, etc. 

So to close this whole thing out, I'm going to put out my what my projected starting lineup is and pitching rotation based on the trades and the signings that we've had so far. And then we'll just see how that evolves over the next couple weeks. So here we go:  Starting in left field Corey Dickerson, starting at center Starling Marte, at first base Jesus Aguilar, batting fourth third baseman (probably my favorite player) Brian Anderson. Now here's where the rift is gonna come in. In right field, now that we've added Adam Duvall, he starts there in right, batting fifth. Batting sixth, Miguel Rojas at shortstop.  Second baseman, I have a feeling it's going to be Jazz Chisholm, but Berti can compete for that job as well. And then catcher I've got Jorge Alfaro, but then we also added Dominican NRI non roster invitee Sandy Leone, and he looks like a beast. I mean, when I saw his picture, and I posted it on my Instagram and twitter yesterday. That guy looked huge and totally ready to play. But Alfaro in his defense, stayed home or stayed in Miami. He didn't go home for the offseason to try to get better and work with catcher, catcher coaches and things like that to improve his game. So you can't count that guy out either. But he's going to have to improve greatly to secure a roster spot. 

And then let's just go down with the starting rotation and I'm going to pretend like we have a six man rotation. However, I'm not sure that that's solidified as far as Don Mattingly goes, but it's just something to experiment with and try and see how it works out. Obviously, Sandy, Alcantara, Pablo Lopez, Eleisar Hernandez, and Sixto whenever he gets back from the DR. And then my five guy, Trevor Rogers, the only lefty in there. Then, Nick Neidert would be my sixth guy. And I think the pitching competition for the rotation spots beyond the top three, four spots is fine. But those five, six spots are going to be up for grabs and pretty competitive. And then in the bullpen, we're looking good. Anthony Bass who we just got from Toronto, Adam Cimber from the Indians, Ross Detwiler from Chicago Chicago White Sox, Zack Pop, actually from Arizona. I screwed that up. I fact checked myself and he’s not from Baltimore. Although I saw him wearing a Bowie jersey and that made me think that. And then Dylan floro from the Dodgers. Then you got a couple other guys, Yimi Garcia, James Hoyt, Richard Bleier, Paul Campbell, and some other guys that we'll see how it works out. So back on Monday, everybody, all Marlins Nation, have a great weekend. And we'll be back here 8:45 Monday with another update. Thanks.