Feb. 18, 2021

Transcript of Episode 2 of the Mainline Marlins Podcast 2/18/21

Transcript of Episode 2 of the Mainline Marlins Podcast 2/18/21

Good Morning, Marlins Nation. Tommy Stitt here with the Mainline Marlins Podcast and Show Episode Two February 18,Thursday. It was a big day in baseball yesterday. Obviously, pitchers and catchers reported to Jupiter for the Marlins, which is awesome. Today is their first official workout. You might be wondering why there's a Braves player on the promo image. But that's the guy that actually officially signed yesterday---Adam Duvall, outfielder from the Braves. I actually announced that he was a new Marlin back on the 9th, but apparently he had to pass the physical. That actually happened yesterday or was finalized yesterday. So he is officially a Marlin. 

Then, we also added after my show yesterday, John Curtiss, pitcher from the Tampa Bay Rays had limited starts last year. I think he had three actually played in three games, 25 innings pitched with a .180 ERA. Back to Duvall for a second though. He's got a much better resume as far as that goes. Last year, top 10 in homeruns in the National League, batted .237 with 16 home runs only on a 57-game sample because of the shortened season. So we're probably expecting mid- 30’s in home runs for that guy this year which is pretty awesome.

Another thing that was pretty interesting is Kim Ng is talking about you know that she wanted to get out on the fields. She wants to be around the players. But she wasn't going to do that until the time was right and I'm gonna let those guys settle in which I think is a super awesome move on her part. And you know, she wants to be slowly introduced to those guys and to build up some rapport and things like that. But it's all about these guys getting ready to play this season. And she's making the moves to support those guys. So I'm 100% psyched about that.

Now, in other baseball news. And then at the end, I'm going to talk a little bit more about the pod, the tickets, how you can get tickets, and how many are going to be available. Tim Tebow retired from baseball. Not really that surprising. But what was kind of cool and I took a picture of this image yesterday was from Anthony Bass, a guy that we signed from the Blue Jays who's likely going to be the closer this year for the Marlins. This is his response to Tim Tebow. This is on Twitter @AnthonyBass52. Yesterday to the announcement that Tim Tebow retired, Bass says “Baseball is an extremely difficult game. No question. I commend him for his attempt to try and make it to the major leagues. God knows I would stand zero chance trying to make it play in the NFL.” And I think that's total respect. I mean, listen, the guy was an awesome college quarterback, just not a major league ballplayer, and you got to give him props for giving it a try.

So that and then one other big move that happened yesterday. Fernando Tattis, Jr. from the San Diego Padres is gonna sign a $340 million 14- year deal with us with the trade clause in it where he gets to pick the team he gets traded to. They can't just willy-nilly deal him to some team in the bottom of the barrel. If he's gonna move, he's gonna go to a contender. But I think he's a Padre for life. And he finishes with a huge contract. I think that puts some pressure on the Mets for their deal with Lindor. And he's probably gonna want $350 million. So that's that. So let me talk about one more minute about the ticketing and the things at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium in Jupiter. It’s 21% capacity, which is 1462 fans on a given game day. Tickets go on sale for, now I kind of messed this up yesterday, Spring Training season ticket holders from last year get first dibs Friday at 10am. They can get those online. 10am Sunday for Marlins and Cardinals season regular season ticket holders and then Tuesday 10am for the general public. It will be a  cashless ballpark, whether it be in the concessions or in the team store, same thing. So you know, I would I would go ahead if you're one of those general public kind of people on Tuesday that have to wait, I would be first in line and try to plan you know, plan, go out there for a weekend and take the kids and friends or whatever and have a good time because it's going to be awesome. That's it for today. I know that Andy Korge has a show coming up here next, but let's just Go Fish. We've got the first day of the actual workouts so we'll probably get some news about the conditioning of the players and where Don Mattingly sees those guys, and kind of the vibe around the camp and we're just looking forward to hear that news. Be back tomorrow morning at 8:45 with Mainline Marlins. Thanks.