Feb. 17, 2021

Transcript of Episode 1 of the Mainline Marlins Podcast 2/17/21

Transcript of Episode 1 of the Mainline Marlins Podcast 2/17/21

Tommy Stitt this morning here from the headquarters of Marlin sports---Miami's Community News. This is episode one of the Mainline Marlins Podcast and show.  Super excited pitchers and catchers report today to Jupiter. They're not going to work out until tomorrow, but we should have some information later on today about who showed up and in what condition and all that stuff.

So let's talk about a couple highlights what fans can expect for spring training. Teams are only allowed 75 players. I believe the Marlins have 71 in camp, we'll see if that expands between now and the start of the first  full squad workout on the 23rd. They're going to do pseudo pods similar to the bubble that the NBA did. So it's going to be all the East Coast Grapefruit League teams play each other. We'll be limited to playing the Cardinals, the Astros, the nationals and the Mets. And that's going to limit the Marlins to I'm thinking at the most a 30-mile bus ride to try to contain, you know, keep the virus out of there.

So, the next thing I want to say is talk about Roger Dean Chevy Stadium. They are going to allow 21% of fans capacity, which is I want to say almost 1500 people tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 o'clock, for the existing spring training season ticket holders from last year. And then on Sunday at 10. Regular season ticket holders not only Cardinals, but Marlins and then on Monday, or what is it Monday or Tuesday or Tuesday at 10am. That's it then to the general public if there's anything left so if you are one of those people that has previous spring training season tickets, or you're a Marlin season ticket holder, get those as soon as you can. They're going to sell those in groups of two, four and six. So it's important to plan ahead for that.

Another thing that you probably need to be aware of and I'm I'm guilty of this all the time is it's going to be 100% cashless. So that means the concession stands and team store. The tickets are all going to be electronic. So make sure that you have a credit card or a way to pay on your phone, which would be awesome.

So now let's talk about the team out of the 20 I think 23 of the top 30 prospects are going to be in Marlins Camp 12 out of the 23 are pitchers and catchers. Let me just review a couple of those. The number one prospect Sixto Sanchez max Meyer, Edward Cabrera, Trevor Rogers, who was actually on the picture on the promo. Braxton Garrett, Nick Snyder, cow Nicholas Jorge Guzman, Zach McCambley, who Fish Stripes did just did a little promo on him and story on him, which was super interesting. Jordan Holloway and then Danny Castano. And then catcher, Will Banfield.

But here's I think what we really need to talk about just says day one is look, a lot of people are complaining that the Marlins didn't go after any big names, but they really didn't need to.  They went deep into the playoffs and divisional playoffs last year which was unexpected. We're returning pretty much the same core, and we added a bunch of really good bullpen relief.

But let me talk about some of the other offseason signings that are going to be in camp.  Catcher from the Dominican league Sandy Leon. And then let's talk about these relief pitchers:  Ross Detwiler from the White Sox, lefty Zach Pop from Baltimore, righty Adam Cimber from the Indians, another right handed pitcher who I think is going to be the closer, Anthony Bass from Toronto. And then, the last guy that they signed is pretty exciting. He won a World Series ring last year with the Dodgers---Dylan Floro.

Then you add the other regular roster potential pitchers: Sandy Alcantara, Pablo Lopez, Eleisar Hernandez, and then the bullpen guys Jimi Garcia, Richard Bleier, James Holt, and Jordan Holloway, Jeff Brigham, Nick Snyder, so it's going to be super exciting.

Let me just give you the format. We're going to do a show Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in the morning, which will give an update about what's going on in spring training. Once the games start, it'll be more about what happened the night before, recap of the game, what to expect.  And on Tuesday afternoons during Spring Training, we're gonna get a chance to talk to players, coaches, and personnel from the Marlins and give you guys an inside track on what's happening behind the scenes. So, we're super excited about it.  Mainline Marlins starts today.